Sneaker addiction + Cyclist = DZR shoes

Our Rider Simon Silver - Urban Race in Mexico 'Down Puerto Vallarta'

Simon Silver takes us for a ride Down Puerto Vallarta urban race course. A combination of dirt, stairs, natural and man made, this track looked to be a favorite among the urban races with a finish line in sight of the ocean.

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Pedal Comparison

At some point in your bike-riding life, you’ll be climbing a steep hill, or hopping over a pothole, or hitting the road with a faster crew, thinking to yourself, “What is it I’m doing wrong? Why can’t I keep up?”

85% of it is your legs. Ride more, push harder, challenge yourself. You’ll get faster, more skillful.  For that last 15% though, your equipment has to be up to snuff. And 10% of that equipment is going to be your pedals. Are they clipless?  If not, that right there is going to be the extra ‘umph’ you need to beast over that hill, hop over that obstacle, and keep up with your friends and rivals.  If you don’t believe me, try it! My hand to god, if you get back and tell me I’m wrong, I’ll eat my shoes.

“But Maaarrrk, I want to just ride my bike around and not have to wear those silly shoes that I see all the srs bikers clicking and clacking around in all damn day!”  Well, duh, you’re on the DZR blog! That’s what these shoes do best! I work on my feet in these sumbitches all day long, and forget I’m even wearing bike shoes until I hop on and ride.

When it comes to clipless pedals, there are a slew of choices; enough to make your head spin if you don’t know exactly what you want.  That’s why DZR has tasked me with breaking down the three most common pedals you’ll encounter:...

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An Artist Clips in to DZRs

ArtistCarla Bartow is well known for her woodcut-style illustrations that have been the basis for bike culture posters like the Tweed Ride. Fitting with her artistic style, Carla takes a casual approach to her cycling apparel. But when she started a new job that required a long seven mile commute across town, she began to re-asses her apparel and opted for cleated shoes.


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New Products – DZR Minna LTD Shoes, Showers Pass SS Henley Baselayer and Adidas Zonyk Pro Sunglasses | The MTB Lab

DZR has the two new Limited Edition shoes the Minna Mist and Minna Cadet, while Showers Pass is releasing the short sleeve Bamboo-Merino Henley base layer shirt, and Adidas has their Zonyk Pro Sunglasses in new colorways and LST/VARiO lenses.

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DZR dropped some limited edition colorways of their Minna shoes. The tones on these are legit.
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DZR Minna Mist & Cadet shoes offer limited edition update for clipless street riding | Bike Rumor

DZR has been making clipless pedal friendly street shoes for many years, in fact the Minna shoe itself wasintroduced back in 2012.  But now the most popular set of kicks are getting a bit of a colorful update away from the original’s all-black look with a pair of limited edition options. Dubbed the Minna Mist and Minna Cadet, the new models take inspiration from the bay-side foggy HQ of DZR in San Fransisco, while keeping the durable construction or the original with some subtle feature updates…
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Survive winter riding with these 30 pearls of wisdom | Bike Portland

Winter riding in the Pacific Northwest can be a uniquely challenging affair. Whether exploring deep National Forest gravel roads, churning out paved base mileage, pounding grimy singletrack, or simply commuting — there are a few universal truths that will hopefully take a bit of the adversity out of the season. Initially compiled by Ryan Francesconi, the following list reflects the cumulative wisdom of the Unpaved community.
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The Commuter Gear Every Cyclist Needs | Men's Journal

You bike to and from the office any day you can. And we're right there with you. But your current gear could probably use an upgrade, whether that's a new multitool or pair of cycling shoes you don't have to swap out once you're off two wheels. Here are 10 smart ways to make cycling to work as effortless as possible.

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DZR LTD Cycling Shoe | Outside Magazine

A stiff shank and recessed cleat in the sole of DZR's new Ltd Series shoe ($140) give you all the benefits of clipless bike kicks. But these sneakers are also comfortable and stylish enough to wear to the office or bar. 
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From kicking around, to pedaling your bike, DZR has come out with the Shift shoe for a seamless transition between the two. These flat pedal, urban cycling shoes have roots on the streets while maintaining all performance aspects like a stiffened midsole, directional tread/ counter griped gum rubber sole, and a reflective heel badge. Comfortable enough to wear around or hop on the bike, the Sprint aims to be very versatile. Available in two colors and from sizes 41-47.
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Guide to Clip-In Bike Shoes: Do I Need These?

This past year our friend Reid Hemsing ofTwo Wheel Gear, invited Momentum Mag to come and share an office with him. What began as two bike industry related companies sharing office space became an awesome cross pollination of ideas, contacts, friendship and an expanded perspective of what bike gear our readers might be interested in.  You have probably never read an article about clipless pedals before on  And after rolling our eyes a few times and being skeptical, Reid convinced us that it’s time to at least talk about whether or not we need them. We hope you enjoy Reid’s guest blog post.
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We love cycling here at Coolector HQ but not to the point whereby we invest in all the gear – lycra et al – but there’s always room in our lives for awesome products that look stylish and improve your cycling experience and that’s why we’re definitely more than a little impressed with these excellent looking DZR Mechanic Shoes.
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